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Nonprofit Female Leaders- Are You Qualified?

Female leaders are becoming the fastest growing group to lead today's nonprofit organizations (Apollo, 2013; Landesz, 2018; Mowry, 2016; and Agents of Change, 2017). On a global scale, Egypt aligns its constitution with the trend of diversifying and explains that 25 percent of all council seats are reserved for women leaders (Abdelzaher and Abdelzaher, 2019). However, today's nonprofit organizations are faced with a deficit of qualified leaders, and so struggling to attract and maintain capable leadership (Hopkins et al., 2014). To mitigate and fight this issue, institutions are paying closer attention to causes of ineffective leadership in nonprofit organizations (Hoefer & Silva, 2014).

Based on my observations, I have long held to the belief that women leaders, who function in an unawareness of or live in denial about their intrapersonal conflict issues, carry with them a plethora of issues that causes ineffective and poor leadership outcomes. Thus, it would be important, if not critical, that women leaders take the time to learn and understand the differences between interpersonal conflict and intrapersonal conflict and how these affect the mission of your organizational goals as well as your personal development as the best leader you can be.

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