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The target population for this section is women who are in key leadership positions.  Key leadership is defined as being at the helm of their organization; the person responsible for setting the vision, inspiring others, making strategic plans, and inspiring others to greatness. 

P R O G R A M S   &   S E R V I C E S

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One Day Seminar    

One on One Coaching    

True and Safe Community


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Society has trained us to overlook womens' struggles with drug and alcohol recovery, domestic violence, depression, and more. Women in senior leadership positions need support as well. I like to say that women leaders are a forgotten group in society. Women Who Matter Too understands that women who hold key leadership positions have unique concerns and, because of those concerns, often go without help. You matter too, so we’ve designated this section for you to express to your concerns and share your voice. In other words…

Get Connected.



Your story, your journey, your ministry will not only bring you a sense of completeness and satisfaction, you will help to expand and strengthen the journey for another woman in leadership who may need that push. 

Get Connected with WWMT to learn more about leadership events, trainings, and to receive educational articles about women in leadership. 

Join the Community

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You are not alone.

Connect with other women across the globe as each share their success stories as well as their struggles about being a woman in senior leadership.


We are all over comers and sometimes need support from other women who understand the path as we can lend advice, share tips, and express testimonies. 

An organization is only as great as those that carry out its mission. Women Who Matter Too is pleased to introduce you to our members who are in the trenches everyday for women ministry leaders. 


Every month, we will highlight a woman in leadership. You will get to know her by reading about her involvement within the community. From her educational endeavors to her mission work you'll see why this organization is as extraordinary as those who serve. 

Woman of The Month

Here is your chance to recognize a woman in leadership who is doing extraordinary work in the community. 

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