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Beyond The Title


Join us for an impactful 1-day conference on September 6, 2024, designed specifically for all women in ministry - pastors, assistant pastors, executive pastors, pastor’s wives, directors, and more!

Women Who Matter Too

Women Who Matter Too is a support system for women leaders. The group is designed to focus on unique issues and challenges facing women in their personal lives, as well as in their roles as leaders. WWMT is based on the premise of healing ourselves before we can effectively lead others.


Women from all over the world are impacting ministry on a global scale. From international missionaries to world wide leaders, women are traveling the globe utilizing their talents, skills, and  sharing their stories with other women

Too often the voices of women in leadership go unheard.

WWMT wants to hear your story. 



Your story, your journey, your ministry will not only bring you a sense of completeness and satisfaction, you will help to expand and strengthen the journey for another woman in leadership who may need that push. 

Get Connected with WWMT to learn more about leadership events, trainings, and to receive educational articles about women in leadership. 

Female Friends

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O T H E R   S E R V I C E S  W E   P R O V I D E   F O R   W O M E N 

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V E T E R A N S   H O U S I N G

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