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 H I S T O R Y 

Much like many ministries and services, Women Who Matter Too organization was formed out of pain. It was in a season from 2001 until 2005, there was a desert experience of one crisis after the other. The problem for me was that most of my crisis situations were not handled well as far as support goes.  Because I was that woman in leadership and the wife of a minister, it was difficult to find support. When I reached out to other women of God, I was given inappropriate information and some even provided incorrect theology. Others were uncomfortable interacting with me because of an erroneous perception that leaders, in the family of God, do not have the kind of challenges I was facing. 


I discovered the leaders I turned to for support had good intentions but did not possess some critical skills that could have been helpful and supportive to me and other women in leadership in similar challenging and life–altering situations. It was this desert experience that gave me a deep understanding of what it felt like to be a leader in need of a good secure place to turn to receive and give wise counsel and love. 


Isn’t it just like God in Roman’s 8 and 28 ….it works! Now we stand strong for such a time as this for women leaders in the family of God and in our communities. 


WWMT is changing the way we support our women leaders!

Our Mission

To strengthen women leaders   |  To provide programs and services  | To help women in leadership impact their community

Women Who Matter Too realizes that women leaders face unique issues and challenges in their personal lives as well as in their roles as leaders, all the while leading others, but have no where to go for growth, support, and encouragement.  Our objective is that by the end of the designated program time and with other services offered, you will have been strengthened to the point that you experience maximum impact as you move forward in key role.

C H A N G I N G 

       the way we support Women in Senior Leadership

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Women Who Matter Too is about assisting women to become better, transformed, and to experience maximum possibilities in what they do. Our target audience are women who are in leadership and key leadership positions. We also focus on executing your leadership from internal places versus leadership that is focused on skills development.


We believe that effective leadership happens when leaders are intentional about taking care of themselves internally before or while they lead others. We have given enormous time to the programs and the services we offer women leaders to help them on their journey as they help and lead those in the sphere of influence. Check us out, we can help you as you help others.

Message From The Founder

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